Policies & Guidelines


Parents/Guardians are responsible for all Spectrum Dance information posted, mailed, or emailed, including handouts sent home with each student.

There are three (4) major notices during the school year:

August: Class schedules, information regarding class placement, registration and newsletter

October: Performance information, show registration, and costume form

April: performance guidelines, rehearsal/show date reminders, and ticket order form.

June: performance details + reminders, summer schedule + registration

All information is posted at the school at time of printing and/or e-mailing; copies may be available upon request. Questions/concerns regarding individual students or specific classes, policies and guidelines, class tuition or any other school related concerns may be directed via email or written documentation to our office via email at hello@spectrumdancemn.com

This schedule is subject to change. Please call the school or monitor online media reports up to 1 hour before scheduled class for information on school closure, class cancellation, or delays due to severe weather.


1. Regular, timely attendance is essential for a student's progress. Written advanced notice is required with stated reason for absence, for any anticipated tardiness to or early departure from a class.

2. Attendances, absences, early departures, and/or tardiness are recorded. Students are considered and marked late (L) if they arrive in the studio 10 minutes after the start of class.

3. Late admittance to any class is at the discretion of the instructor. A student will be marked absent if they arrive in the studio 15 minutes or more after the start of class and may be subject to observing the class while session (sitting out), or if the student takes an early departure 15 minutes before formal dismissal.

4. Absences, tardiness, and/or early departures in three consecutive classes will result in an email or phone notice to parent/caregiver; the student may be prohibited from participating in the class and/or performance/s.

5. It is important that all students who opt to perform in the annual spring show be consistently present for class and choreography material. Three or more absences between March and May will place a student on notice for performance opportunities.

6. Missed classes are non-refundable, but may be made up by attending another class at the same level or lower level, if offered, within 30 days of missed class (November through May only). See Instructor for make-up class options.


1. Class sizes may be limited. The posted schedule is subject to change at any time.

2. Any class with a small enrollment (fewer than 7 students) may be combined with another class where age and ability levels are compatible or may be cancelled at the discretion of the school director. Classes with very large enrollment may be split where the schedule allows.


With the exception of our Preschool classes - Creative Combination, KinderCombo, and Combination I/II classes- the appropriate class placement is, at all times, determined by level of ability and general age guidelines rather than social associations or personal relationships in class, non-academic schedules, or schedule conflicts from other extracurricular activities including other athletic, school, or religious programs.

Instructors and Directors will determine student placement and level. Student placement may be adjusted after assessment. In the event a student disputes their placement in a class or has serious scheduling conflicts that interfere with a student’s class placement, the student and parent shall meet with the Director. The decision for the student's final class placement shall be at the sole discretion of the Director.

Students may also take a different scheduled class than recommended at the same level or lower, if offered, upon Instructor/Director approval. If student does not wish to continue in the program as placed, withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the Director by the 25th of the month to avoid charges for the following month.

See Tuition Policy for more information.


Spectrum Dance, its agents, contractors, volunteers, or assistants shall not be responsible or made subject to any claim from injury or accident which may result in connection with any participation at the school or any of its related function.

Spectrum Dance does carry current and limited business liability appropriate to its services and events.


We welcome all children to participate in classes at Spectrum Dance. Instructors may encounter limitations on their ability and training to meet the expectations or accommodations of special needs students. The needs of such students will be discussed with parents and evaluated accordingly to best fit the standards of all parties involved. Spectrum Dance does not discriminate in employment or student admission on the basis of race, creed, sex, national origin, or for any other reason.


1. Lobby and hallway areas must be quiet and passable (fire code) at all times. We reserve the right to remove noisy, disruptive persons from the studio, lobby and common areas.

2. No food is allowed in in any studio space area, Main Lobby/waiting area, or Studio B waiting area. Take extra care with beverages, which may result in stains when spilled. Students are welcome to bring a personal water bottle to class; please label with name.

3. All electronic devices being used outside of class and in common areas must be muted or kept at a low volume. Minor aged students are not allowed to bring phones or other devices into the studio. Adult students must have all devices muted or off during class.

4. Respect all classes at all times; studio doors and blinds may be shut to avoid disruptions at the Instructor’s discretion.

5. Only Students, Instructors, and Staff are allowed in class while in session. Visitors, including parents, must not enter the studio at anytime while class is in session, unless permitted by the Instructor or Director. Visitors are welcome to wait quietly in the lobby areas.

6. A strict “HANDS OFF” policy will be enforced for all students in all areas on Spectrum Dance property unless directed by a teacher during class! No running, disruptive behavior or loud talking before, during or after class. Acrobatic moves are not allowed in hallways and lobbies.


1. We encourage all students to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class and be properly attired in dress code and ready to begin when entering the studio and beginning class.

2. Dancers are not allowed to leave the studio or sit while class is in session without instructor's permission.

3. We expect all dancers to respect their instructor, their peers, and school property at all times. During class, students are expected to provide their undivided attention to their instructor and the task at hand.

4. Students may not hang, lean, or play on the barres, touch the mirrors or play with the music equipment.

5. Chewing gum and playing on electronic devices is not allowed during class.

6. Dancers should show respect for themselves and the entire class at all times.

7. More experienced dancers should be role models for new and less experienced dancers and are encouraged to practice a positive mentor/apprentice experience.

8. Dancers should clear the studio space of their belongings and leave studio immediately to allow another class to begin.

9. Keep dressing areas clean and neatly organized when using the space.

10. It is considered inappropriate and a lack of etiquette for employees and/or students to wear logo or embroidered apparel from another area dance studio, school, or program (other than Spectrum Dance approved logo-wear), academic school uniforms, or controversial logo apparel while in classes at Spectrum Dance.



1. It is important to your child arrive with enough time to prepare for class and that Parents/Caregivers collect them quietly and promptly once class has concluded. In general, refrain from any disruptions while any class is in session including loud conversations or talking to your child while they are in the studio. If you must enter the studio space, please ask the instructor for permission.

2. Studio doors may be shut by the Instructor or Director when necessary to maintain focus and class security. If you have a child in class, you are welcome to observe or wait quietly in the designated seating areas. We appreciate you trusting us with your child’s dance education and enjoy having your child’s focus and attention while in class.

3. Students, Parents/Caregivers, and Visitors are responsible for any cleaning or repair expenses incurred to school/building property for damage or stains due to spills or breakage.

4. Parents are invited to communicate any concerns directly to the school or any of their child’s/children’s instructors in person when time is appropriate for all parties involved, preferably not immediately preceding or following the class. You may email the school to set a brief meeting during a time that does not disrupt class, Instructor, and Director schedules.

5. Common areas, lobby, and hallways must be passable in accordance with state Fire Codes/Statutes and kept neat at all times.

RELEASE: Image, Voice, or likeness

By enrolling or registering for any class at Spectrum Dance, you are hereby granting permission for Spectrum Dance, its employers, employees, and enrolled or registered student or family, to use your/your child’s name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner:

(1) on products, merchandise, advertisements, or online presence (website, social media, or similar)

(2) for advertising or selling goods or services

(3) for fundraising or soliciting donations. Permission is also hereby granted for Spectrum Dance to copyright and own property rights to such name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, in its name.

1. We welcome positive posts, submissions, or photos/videos on the popular platforms of Spectrum Dance social media which will include enrolled, minor aged students at any Spectrum Dance events or activities that positively promote the school. However, out of courtesy, please get permission from everyone included in such photo or video before use publicly or privately.

2. Spectrum Dance Instructors and staff are requested not to engage with any enrolled, minor students on any format of social media, text or email, or any other form of online communication without expressed permission from minor’s parent or legal guardian.


Lost & Found items are located in the office. All personal and dance items should be labeled with a name. Spectrum Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items either on its property or during any related events or activities. We periodically donate or dispose of unclaimed articles.