Teen | Adult Dance

2018 Summer Schedule

2017–2018 Schedule

October 2, 2017 – June 9, 2018

Student Placement: This schedule is open to select Teen dancers ages 13+ through Adult dancers in Beginning through Professional level. Select youth dancers ages 18 or younger may be placed in teen|ADULT classes by invitation from Director and/or Instructor. All minors must be registered as YOUTH, even if they are attending teen|ADULT classes.


10:30-11:30a Open Musical Theater Tap

7:00-8:00p Intermediate-Advanced Tap

7:00-8:30p Intermediate-Advanced Ballet



9:45-11:00a Open Jazz

11:00a-12:00p Open Tap

6:00-7:15p Teen Intermediate Ballet

6:00-8:00p Ballet + Prepointe*

8:00-9:15p Intermediate Contemporary

*Prepointe by invitation and placement by instructor.Students are required to attend Tuesday Teen Int Ballet from 6:00-7:15p and a second Ballet class by recommendation.


7:00-8:30p Intermediate Ballet

6:45-7:45p Intermediate Tap

7:45-9:00p Intermediate Jazz


9:45-11:00a Open Jazz

11:00a-12:00p Open Tap

12:00-1:00p Adv Beg Tap

6:00-6:45p Beginning Tap (40+)

6:45-7:30p Beginning Tap (11-Adult)

7:00-8:15p Open Ballet

8:15-9:30p Intermediate Contemporary


10:00-11:30a Open Ballet


10:15-11:30a Open Ballet

11:45a-12:30p Basic/Beg Tap

12:30-1:30p Adv Beg+ Tap