Class Dress Code

Dance class dresscode

The following is for ages 8-18 in Levels I-IV, Preteen to Teen Intermediate.


APPEARANCE: Excessive jewelry, watches, and unsecured hair accessories may not be worn during class for safety reasons. All hair must be pulled away from face. Appropriate dance wear offers a realistic view of body alignment and aides in the correction of dance form and technique. 

Please see below for the dress guidelines as they pertain to specific classes, including boys’ dress guidelines.



Pink tights & black/dark colored leotard. Ballet skirt, ballet shorts, sweater styled for ballet, and ballet knits may be worn for warm-up. Plain, black or dark colored and form fitting tops and dance shorts are acceptable if worn over leotard and tights . Baggy or loose fitting clothing is not acceptable. Long hair should be secured in bun, short hair must be secured away from face.

SHOES: Pink leather ballet slippers.



Plain, black or dark colored leotard or tank/camisole top and dance shorts, capris, or leggings.

SHOES: Tan leather jazz slip on.



Same as Jazz (see above). Pants must allow ankles and feet to be visible. Tights or socks are best worn with tap shoes.

SHOES: Tan leather buckle-strapped tap shoes . Upper level Tap classes may require Oxford-style tap shoes. See Instructor for specific shoe requirements.



Same as Jazz; Form fitting top or shirt or hip-hop style clothing will be acceptable.

SHOES: Clean, indoor only, athletic-style, non-marking soles, or jazz shoes. For students participating in our Spring performance, select shoes will be required.



Follow Ballet or Jazz dress code.

SHOES: Jazz or Ballet slippers recommended; bare feet/socked feet at the discretion of teacher (dancer will assume all risks and liabilities of moving barefooted or sock-footed).


Acro Dance

Same as Jazz (see above); black or dark colored stretch shorts over leotard and footless tights. Socks may be required.



Plain, black or dark colored top (no baggy shirts) and black/dark dance pants, athletic-style pants, or shorts. Socks may be worn according to shoe requirements. Tennis shoes with clean soles may be worn in Hip Hop classes