Class Dress Code

Dance class dresscode

The following is for ages 8-18 in Levels I-IV, Preteen to Teen Intermediate.



Pink tights & black/dark colored leotard . Ballet skirt, ballet shorts, sweater styled for ballet, and ballet knits may be worn for warm-up. Plain, black or dark colored and form fitting tops and dance shorts are acceptable if worn over leotard and tights . Baggy or loose fitting clothing is not acceptable. Long hair should be secured in bun, short hair must be secured away from face.

SHOES: Pink leather ballet slippers.



Plain, black or dark colored leotard or tank/camisole top and dance shorts, capris, or leggings.

SHOES: Tan leather jazz slip on.



Same as Jazz (see above). Pants must allow ankles and feet to be visible. Tights or socks are best worn with tap shoes.

SHOES: Tan leather buckle-strapped tap shoes . Upper level Tap classes may require Oxford-style tap shoes. See Instructor for specific shoe requirements.



Same as Jazz; Form fitting top or shirt or hip-hop styled clothing will be acceptable.

SHOES: Clean, indoor only , athletic-style, non-marking soles, or jazz shoes. For students participating in our Spring performance, select shoes will be required.



Follow Ballet or Jazz dress code.

SHOES: Jazz or Ballet slippers recommended ; barefeet/socked feet at the discretion of Instructor and dancer will assume all risks and liabilities to moving barefooted or sock-footed.


Acro Dance

Same as Jazz (see above); black or dark colored stretch shorts over leotard and footless tights. Socks may be required.



Plain, black or dark colored top (no baggy shirts) and black/dark dance pants, athletic-style pants, or shorts. Socks may be worn according to shoe requirements. Tennis shoes with clean soles may be worn in Hip Hop classes


APPEARANCE: Excessive jewelry, watches, and unsecured hair accessories may not be worn during class. All hair must be neatly pulled back away from face. Appropriate dance wear offers a realistic view of body alignment and aides in the correction of dance technique.