Class Descriptions



Spectrum Dance offers classes for both youth (ages 3 - 18 years) and adult dancers. Our youth enrollment period runs from September 2019 through mid-June 2020. Youth students who wish to enroll in classes at Spectrum Dance should reference both the age guidelines and teacher placement recommendations before enrolling.

Teen | Adult Classes
Teen | Adult classes are open to all dancers aged 13+. Some Teen | Adult classes are open to enrollment for dancers aged 13 - 18 years; these classes are listed on both the Youth and Teen | Adult class schedule. Please note that Teen | Adult classes are also open to dancers aged 13+ who do not wish to enroll in class. These classes can be taken by purchasing a single drop in or a class hours card.

Open Classes
Preteen and Teen | Adult classes designated as “Open” classes are appropriate for advanced (more progressed) beginning to (low) intermediate levels. These classes are appropriate for students who have good fundamental knowledge and technique.

New students and returning students with questions about placement: please reach out to DeeAnn at


For balance, grace of movement, strength, stamina, flexibility, posture, and music interpretation. We highly encourage ballet study for all students, especially for dancers training seriously in other dance disciplines and athletics. All ballet classes offer classical technique at barre and centre.
Ages 8+


Musical Theater, street/urban, hip hop, funk, ethnic, and other styles are explored. Dancers will learn syncopation, rhythm, and isolation of body movements resulting in increased physical control and fitness.
Ages 10+


An American dance discipline for rhythm development, aerobic fitness, and focus, providing an infinite range of styles and interpretation. Tap styles have become increasingly varied from classic American to contemporary Rhythm.
Ages 10+



Creative Movement is an introduction to movement, with an emphasis on basic ballet and tap fundamentals. Dancers will explore basic concepts of movement and rhythm while learning spatial awareness, listening skills, group socialization, and class etiquette. Dancers will develop increased coordination, self awareness, confidence and self expression through imaginative exploration and improvisation, and will learn movement vocabulary as they are introduced to dance fundamentals.
Age 3




Kinder Combo is an extension of Creative Movement, with the addition of jazz dance. Dancers will refine their basic concepts of movement and rhythm while continuing to increase spatial awareness, listening skills and group socialization. Dancers will develop increased coordination, self awareness, confidence and self expression through ballet, tap and basic jazz fundamentals while increasing movement vocabulary.
Ages 5-6

Pre K Combo and Minis Combo I are similar to Kinder Combo but for slighty younger age groups who have progressed beyond Creative Movement.
Ages 4-6



In Combo I-II, Ballet, Tap and Jazz vocabulary and technique will be taught during the duration of the class. Dancers will increase their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, musicality and rhythmic awareness while mastering more complex patterns and combinations of movement. Dancers will continue to build self expression, confidence and self awareness. This class enriches the experience of the three major dance disciplines (jazz, tap, and ballet) before young dancers may choose individual classes to pursue in future years.
Ages 6-8



Beginning to progressive beginning, for new to Spectrum Dance students with minimal dance experience. Minimum 1-2 yr placement.
Ages 8-11



Urban, contemporary, street-styled dance; highly energetic with strong rhythm and timing. Involves styles dictated by current culture. Age appropriate music is used for all classes. One of our most popular classes for both boys and girls!
Ages 8+

Hip Hop Minis
Ages 4-8



Acrobatic skills are incorporated into dance movement. No previous experience in acrobatics necessary, but jazz and/or ballet technique and knowledge is highly encouraged. We offer beginning and intermediate Acro Dance; placement is by teacher recommendation.
Ages 7+



Explores contemporary movement and music with a strong technique of Modern Jazz elements. Intermediate+ levels should request Instructor/Director approval for placement. Students are recommended to have at least 5 years consistent and solid training in ballet or modern dance.
Ages 13+

First year Contemporary class students, ages 13+ - please contact us for placement.



Class focuses on musicality, emotion, and fluidity of technique as characterized by lyrical phrasing of music. This discipline is heavily influenced by contemporary ballet techniques. Intermediate+ Levels require Instructor/Director approval for placement and students are recommended to have at least 4 years consistent and solid training in ballet (1-2 years for preteens ages 11-13).
Ages 13+

All first year lyrical students - please contact us for placement.



This non-performing class blends Hip Hop styles with different elements of strengthening including yoga, modern dance, and jazz.
Ages 16+ | women only



Urban Heels is a mature style of dance with urban and hip hop influences. This class embraces femininity through movement and challenges dancers to learn and move through choreography while wearing heels. This is a non-performing class.
Ages 16+ | women only


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