Spectrum Dance

“Dance is fun! It lifts the spirit, strengthens the body, and stimulates the mind.”

We offer dance classes for all ages and abilities


Welcome to Spectrum Dance

We are a boutique dance school that is pleased to be offering quality, non-competitive dance instruction in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years.

Youth Dance in costume


An American dance discipline for rhythm development, aerobic fitness, focus & listening skills, providing an infinite range of styles and interpretation.

Dancers in studio


Syncopation, rhythm, and isolation of body movements for excitement, energy (including physical fitness), using appropriate contemporary or popular music.

Putting on ballet dance shoes


For balance, grace of movement, strength, stamina, flexibility, posture, music interpretation, and appreciation. Excellent training for all disciplines and athletics. We highly encourage ballet study for all students, especially for dancers training seriously in other dance disciplines. Some ballet classes offer classical barre and incorporate contemporary ballet technique.